Search Engine Optimization Philadelphia Metro New Jersey for your new Web Site to achieve Rank Better on Google with our SEO and Web Design services

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Search Engine Optimization Philadelphia Metro New Jersey for your new Web Site to achieve Rank Better on Google with our SEO and Web Design services

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We take only one new client per month and we do NOT do SEO for prexisting websites. We only work with small blue collar businesses. We spend time working to rebrand you on the Internet which also includes your first video blog CLICK HERE.


We have consistently helped our clients accheive higher rank in their entire service area. We know how Google works and cover everything they ask a website to do.

SEO Marketing Research

We begin by researching your market & competition. We make you awake of where you are ranked and who is beating you. We analyze your cmpetition to see why they are ranked better than you by dissecting their website but also other companies nationally to make sure we understand what it takes for you to present your company's goods and/or services to the world.

Google adwords research

Next, we research a list of keywords that businesses are targeting by Google Adwords. You see, our websites are a REPLACEMENT FOR GOOGLE ADWORDS. Instead of paying per click, we use the highest paid Adwords in your company's business category as an attack plan to build rank for your your website. Using both research gained from other websites and Google adwords, we then have a way to proceed so that your rank turns into phone calls, walk in and appointments.

Creating Content

A website isn't just for your customer base, it is for Google to analyze and rank. Without Google ranking your site on the front page, you will not be seen by your customer base. We design all of our website with Google in mind.

Content comes in the form of text, images, audio, video, structured data, and Meta tags. Google has a list of criteria it is looking for when "Panda", google's contewnt analyziation bot reviews your werbsite. If you don't have enough content, Google will not rank each page on a web site. We meet and exceeed all requirements Google demands. Most web design companies don't realize that you are not looking just to rank your home page but every single page in your website should show up in the search results. Some of our clients have dozens of blogs targeting dozens of locations and each and every page shows up as intended.

Submitting to Google and other search engines like Bing, Yahoo, Duck Duck Go.

We finish wtih Google's Search Console by submitting a site map created with XML. This allowed Google to see what you want them to see, and index all of your pages.

Our clients have eliminated google adwords or pay significantly less after having a website creatred by us with proper search engine optimization. Call us to get to get on our waitng list 267-908-4160.

Google Adwords does absolutely NOTHING to improve your websites rank on Google.

You need to invest in a website that supports the NEWEST Google requirements are thare still being worked out. Our SEO is cutting edge as Google is not yet finished wtih it's new Webmater Tools, now called the Search Console. It sounds complicated but we make things easy to understand. Bottom line is our sites have delivered consistent high rank over large geographical areas over time.

We can never guarantee SEO results but our clients consistently rank very high on Google and dominate search results in their local keywords and geographical targets, some companies now dominate their services areas which are from 45 miles to 100 miles away form their business address. That is what good SEO gets you sometimes right away but always over time. It;s the secret to why google makes all that money. SEO is a plant that needs to be cared for and grow. It takes time to dominate your service are if it's a 20,30, 50 and 100 mile radius. Just ask our clients, and you can. References available, always.

You can go get a free site at wix or some Wordpress template from someone who poses as a developer but none of that is handling the new SEO code google wants which is pretty much custom as they re not even done with al lthey are doing with their revamped version of Web Master tools they are calling the Search Console

Any SEO service is just a service and unless your website is correct, it's never going to rank and compete enough against your competitors to even get on the front page of search results. We have a track record in getting companies on the right track to stop paying for google adwords or pay very little while their website begins to rank in their entire service area which means a radius from up to 100 miles from your location.

We have a basic five page starter website package that is generally 33% of the price of the average web developer price.

Don't be fooled by someone pushing Word Press templates they bought online and alter when you could have done that for yourself and paid less for a site tht under performs.

We can replicate any design with the right images associated with your field of business. We specialize in ONLY small businesses to help them understand people are throwing out buzzwords that you don't understand and have the time we find they don't either. They just want your money.

CALL US 267-908-4160 So we can assess your present situation


We do not give prices on our website because every business is different. They have different needs but the good news is we are about 1/3 of the price of a wordpress developer and we handle eveyrthing for you,



Web Design Services

Does your website work on all devices?

Responsive Design is the term used to describe a website that changes shape and layout to fit the device on which it appears.

Most web designers opt for 3 size ranges allowing lots of space for the margin of error to make sure things look "OK" but when they do that, it tends to not look so great.

Our designers take the time to program 9 device ranges into the coding to ensure that the website works not only on computers and large formate screens but also the smalled device screens like Smart Watches, Motorola RAZR & even Blackberry is pretty small.

The other designers just don't want to spend the time coding it and then testing it to make sure it works. That is why our werbsite not only look great on all devices but they also perform better.