Video Production Northeast Philadelphia 19136 We produce Video Blogs, TV Commercials, Instructional Videos, Music Videos, Hot to Videos, Infomercials

Video Production Philadelphia Video Blogs, TV Commercials

Video Production Northeast Philadelphia 19136 We produce Video Blogs, TV Commercials, Instructional Videos, Music Videos, Hot to Videos, Infomercials

Video Blogs are a client only service where you get a video blog with a corresponding web page with SEO that targets an additional area or location to punch through to the front page for your SEO target. In essence, if you wish to target a specific keyword string & location, this blog will do that for you. Here is an example.

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Video Blogs

Video blogs are 2-3 minute presentations of your company's goods and services. We begin with basic informationa bout your business and often ask business owners describe their products and services available to other business and/or to the public.

A Video blog will help potential customers to get to know you, personally. We have expwerience in directing people who have never appeared on camera before. With some editings, graphics and effects, we're able to piece together sentences and paragraphs to make the video flow smoothly from beginning to end.

We've developed a simply way to produce low cost videos quickly so that you can do a blog once a week to once a month.

We post video blogs to your facebook, twitter & intagram accounts along with the link to the blog page on your website.

Websites that include video tend to rank higher than others who do not.

We include the first video blog in our small business website package.

Why a client only service?

We are a small firm whose goal is to service a client's entire presence online. Most companies use SEO aka Search Engine Optimization as a buzz word. They actually do very little for your website. They talk about all kinds of things but rarely talk about the quality of the content on your website. They skip over it and only seek to enroll you in programs what only work if your website works. If you do not meet Google's quality content requirement, your page will either rank poorly or in many cases, not even show up.

Video blogs are a key part of developing content that is superior to that of your competitors.

Therefore, we decline to do SEO on websites that have not been created by us. We cannot guarantee performance on prexisting websites and if you are being told by someone they have an "SEO package" to help rank your site better, and they are not talking about reviewing and improving your content, then they are simply trying to get over on you. It's all about the quality of your website first and anything else comes after.

Below is a gallery of stills from recent video blogs we've created for clients.




You can get a website from anyone, even free from Wix but if your site does not perform on Google it's worthless. Your website has to support the newest SEO coding called JSON from These new standards are a work in progress, meaning, it's so new, Google's not even finished thier Search Console. Only a traditional website with hand coding allows the freedom to adapt to this changing enviornment. A generic Word Press template will not help you here.